“Make Your Kid A Money Genius”

I just received this book that I pre-ordered months ago. Can’t wait to read it. If our sons are going to receive our assets when we die, we want to at least instill in them good financial awareness and habits if they were to, god forbid, suddenly get a windfall (but trust me I plan to live until 100). We’ve already started our 4.5 year old on the small basics (such as talking about not buying toys every time we go to the store, giving old toys away to other kids whose families don’t have enough money, putting coins in piggy banks, adopting-a-child over the holidays, and donating to our favorite charities), but hopefully this book will take us to the next level.

Thinking about how you want your assets to be distributed and managed in your estate planning documents also means taking into account your children’s current ages, financial acumen, and whether you feel they can properly manage money at any age.

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