Parents: Don’t forget to do this before you go on vacation without your children!

I just returned from a wonderful much-needed girls’ weekend away with my high school girlfriends. It was the first time I left both of my children overnight with my husband. Of course, two days before I left, my youngest got a double ear infection and was not feeling well at all while I was gone and I felt so guilty. While I was able to get him in to the doctor and on antibiotics before I left, I was still worried that anything else could still come up and my poor husband would need to drag both kids to the doctor or worse, the ER (fortunately he didn’t).  Now if the kids had been staying with my parents while both my husband and I were out of town, then we would have signed a temporary Power of Attorney granting my parents the ability to talk to our children’s doctors on our behalf (as would be the case if we couldn’t get home in time) and sign any documents if we were unable to.

I highly recommend this document if you are leaving your child in the care of someone for an extended period of time when you are not going to be close enough to get to the doctor on short notice. It is a very short one-page document that should be signed by both parents and notarized. At a minimum, it would be one less thing for you, as parents, to worry about while on vacation.

Any questions, let m know.

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