Millennials Need Estate Planning

Estate planning is most certainly not on most millennials’ radar. It is just not “sexy” enough to think about now. Most people assume you don’t need to think about estate planning until they are in their 50’s. But the truth is they are not immortal – even millennials get sick, have accidents, or die young. Approximately 78% of today’s millennials do not have estate plan documents in place.

When you get married, buy your first home, or start a family, that is usually when reality sets in and estate planning may be on the radar, but something is always keeping the millennials from taking that next step. Yes, meeting with an attorney can be daunting and depending on the attorney, it can be expensive. My goal is to make this an easy process and I am completely transparent about fees before you decide to retain me.

Or perhaps you have young adult children who are in their 20’s or just away at college, in which case I encourage you to talk to them about estate planning and I would be happy to work with them on their estate plan. If a client of mine has children in their 20’s, I always encourage them to consider doing financial and medical powers of attorney for them.

Bottom line – millennials need to keep estate planning on their radar! Contact me if you have any questions.

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