Back-to-School: A good time for Estate Planning

Summer is winding down and tomorrow my kids return to school! It reminded me that now is really a wonderful time for all busy parents to tackle their estate planning goals before the end of the year. Whether your children are little or headed off to college, you’re busy settling into a new routine. Estate planning is probably the last thing on your mind. But it really should be top of mind – the beginning of a new school year can actually be a perfect time.

During this time, most parents are filling out emergency contact forms which are critical for the safety of your child. You must list who the school should call in case of an emergency when parents can’t be reached, and who might be authorized to make medical decisions for your child if their parents are unavailable. The names you put on these forms a great way to start thinking about who you love and trust enough to serve as their guardians should anything happen to you. Make sure your estate plan documents are in order to ensure their safety.

If your children are off to college, your child is essentially considered an adult. This means that hospitals, doctors, and nurses are no longer required to ask your permission before performing medical procedures. In fact, once your child turns 18, health care providers are no longer allowed to share information with the parents at all. Read on here and here for more on what your college-aged children need.

So, yes, updated vaccinations, school supplies, a new backpack, and new shoes and clothes may be what your children need today but your entire family needs a solid estate plan too for the future.

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