The Benefit of Flowcharts

Going through all of your estate planning documents page-by-page can be overwhelming (and exhausting). Believe me, there’s a reason why estate planning attorneys include all of these provisions and pages. But to make it easier for you in the decision-making phase and in the document review phase, many of us use flowcharts or a similar visual to help you understand the overall picture of your estate plan.

Below is a sample for a married couple with a Joint Trust:

This is especially helpful in my practice which is 100% virtual. I usually have a flowchart in front of both me and my clients via a screen-share during video conferences – they can see the edits I make to the flowcharts and ask questions as we go through it.

They can also review it on their own and mark up their own questions or changes after they’ve had time to sit on some open issues before sending it back to me.

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