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Three Documents You Need For Your College Kids

When your child turns 18 and is away at college, you might not realize that you won’t have the ability to talk to the school or the hospital or the doctors in the event your child has a medical emergency due to the Privacy Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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Have Any General Estate Planning Questions?

I want to be as accessible as possible, especially to those of you who simply do not know where to begin. Maybe you just have general questions that you have been meaning to Google or ask an estate planning attorney but never get around to it.  I get it – it’s time-consuming and overwhelming to get

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Married couples: to put your house in Trust or leave it alone?

All this talk about avoiding Probate and yet it is almost always recommended that married couples leave their home titled jointly while they are both living and married, as opposed to putting it in their Trust along with their other assets. Why?

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Estate Planning with Blended Families

In second (or third or fourth) marriage situations where one or both spouses bring in kids from the prior relationship, estate planning can get complicated. Almost everyone has a natural affinity for their own children and their own blood family members, which can make the planning process touchy in subsequent marriages.