Estate Planning with Blended Families

In second (or third or fourth) marriage situations where one or both spouses bring in kids from the prior relationship, estate planning can get complicated. Almost everyone has a natural affinity for their own children and their own blood family members, which can make the planning process touchy in subsequent marriages.

Protecting Your Digital Assets

We all have a plethora of online accounts and digital assets: email accounts, social media accounts, financial accounts, cloud storage accounts, digital photo accounts, music accounts, gaming accounts, website management and hosting accounts, dating sites, gaming sites, and so on. Some of these accounts make it easy

Choosing Your Child’s Guardian – Part 1

One of the most difficult decisions that parents of young children (or even older children who are not yet 18) have to make is deciding who would take care of and guide their children in the event both parents are unable to. Many spouses tend to disagree on who should be the guardians of their children