What is a HIPAA Authorization Form and Why Do I Need It?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 was enacted to help ensure the privacy of your medical records. HIPAA limits “covered entities” (i.e., health care providers or insurance companies) from

Your Trust Has Been Signed. Now What?

Once you sign your Revocable Living Trust, that’s not the end of it. Generally, avoiding probate and estate tax savings will be the main reasons why you set up a Trust but you still have to move your assets into it – you have to “fund” it.  I always provide funding instructions, but here is a general overview.

Ask More Questions

Happy New Year! Maybe one of your resolutions is to start planning. But before starting the estate planning documents, it’s important to get educated about it first. One of my main goals is to make sure you always feel comfortable to ask questions anytime. Sometimes many of these questions are the same questions everybody has. So I wanted to invite you to ask general questions now – you may email me (, leave comments below or anywhere else on my website (feel free to post anonymously), on my Facebook page (or message me privately), or on Twitter. I will compile the most commonly asked questions over the next few weeks and post my responses for the benefit of everyone’s education about estate planning.

Please note I am only accepting general questions. My responses to general questions can’t be construed as legal advice. Feel free to review the Terms & Conditions page.  If you have a very fact-specific legal question, then please e-mail me ( or if you already have a Client Account Portal, you can log in and message me through it. 

How To Disinherit a Child

Every family has their issues. Everyone’s happy family photos on social media does NOT always depict real life. Believe me, you’d be surprised about deeper family issues behind the scenes and that is often played out in the estate planning process. And this is very normal. There can be a number of reasons for why you may want