Hayley E. Rohn PLLC is committed to helping Michigan residents with their estate planning needs in a unique web-based platform. I can help you with many of your estate planning needs, such as, for example, designing a new estate plan and preparing those documents or review current estate planning documents and help you make any changes, small or large.

As a web-based office, I strive to be very accessible to those who simply do not have the time or desire to physically meet with an attorney multiple times or the resources to afford expensive estate plan documents traditionally prepared by brick-and-mortar law firms.


We can communicate via e-mail and have video conferences via Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom or any other format you prefer at times that are mutually convenient, even if it is after your children go to bed, for example.

You will also have full access to me and your documents through an online Client Account Portal that I will set up for you.  In this portal, you will get to see the drafts of your estate planning documents and we can communicate through this portal as well. And you will get to pay your invoice online through this portal. See here for more information about the portal.


My priority is to keep costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality. I will propose a simple flat fee based on a review of the information you provide in your client and asset information worksheet that you will be given when you first contact me and after that, you can decide whether to retain me. In addition, I will also cap the fees for hourly projects that go beyond a certain amount. Pricing will always be discussed in advance. My goal is to always have an open and collaborative relationship with you and I do not want to charge you for every minute of my time. I want you to also feel free to email me, call me, or text me with any quick questions you might have without fear of being charged for that.

Overall, because overhead costs are extremely low, the savings will be to your benefit.

I truly hope you will find the experience to be convenient and low-stress!