Anonymous, Traverse City, Michigan

My experience of estate planning with Hayley Rohn PLLC was excellent. Because I’d recently experienced handling an estate after the death of my mother, I knew that I need to get my own in order. Hayley’s process is excellent because she starts with a questionnaire that helps her understand the client’s background and current position. Then she creates a flow chart which essentially illustrates how your estate plan design will operate upon you becoming incapacitated or upon your death. This is very good because it will highlight whether you have touched all the key points or if she has understood your intentions. From there you edit it a bit more and then Haley creates all the necessary documents for review. She has a portal that you can securely review and later download the final documents. She gives specific instructions on how to fund your estate and it was pretty easy to do. I highly recommend her estate planning services and feel much better now that I am set up. I am planning to review my estate plan regularly because I know from my experience with my mother’s plan that hers was out of date and it would have been easier for the Successor Trustee if it had been updated more recently and also if it had been digitized.