Anonymous, Ann Arbor, MI

My husband and I were terrified at the idea of working on our Estate Planning. Not only is the whole idea no fun at all, but we dislike that kind of paperwork anyway. When we learned that Hayley Rohn had a firm in Estate Planning, we thought that our fears would lessen if we worked with her. We knew Hayley as a generous, gentle and bright neighbor and friend and felt that of all lawyers possible, she would be by far our best choice. We are so happy that we chose her!

It is important to mention that the whole process was handled while we live in different states in the United States. This is something that many could view as an obstacle. In fact, it was not a problem at all.

What was particularly helpful was that Hayley guided us step by step through the entire process. We had many questions that we sent to her via email. Her answers came promptly. She replied in great detail and in a clear language that we could understand. She was extremely patient with us. We also had a video conference together where she took her time to explain to us in detail how to proceed. Hayley was very flexible with the technology and could guide us through this as well.

It was by luck that she could come to town for the final signing of the paperwork. Her preparation for this visit was impeccable. The binder containing all the documents was ready with photocopies for the persons participating in our estate planning. All we had to do was mail them.

Hayley is also well organized and had planned ahead, in case the final signing in her presence was not possible. Therefore, we were prepared for that as well.

Despite the complexity of the subject matter, Hayley is constantly reassuring and professional. In addition when you work with her, you do not feel like you are with a lawyer who is calculating every single minute for billing. That is extremely comforting.

We found Hayley’s work impeccable. If there were a grade to give her, it would be an A+.